Our Lady Queen of Peace Home Schooling Group


Many activities are available to members to help with the social, academic, and spiritual growth of our students.  Members may come to as many activities as they would like.  Each member, after their first year of membership are to organize or co-organize one event or activity for the year.  Expectant mothers are exempt from this commitment.
All Saints Day Party:  On November students dressed as saints attend mass and an All Saints Day party involving games, treats, and a parade of saints. Always a remarkable day!
Blue Knights Boys Club:  Boys ages 5 and up meet once a month to learn about a saint and a virtue.  Upon completion of homework, the boys earn patches to sew onto their vests.  The boys play games and do various projects.

Book Club:  Once a month students read a book and meet to discuss it.  Theme centered snack adds a fun twist!
Cabin Fever Club:  Once a month from October through April members meet at a library to play chess and board games together.  A great way to keep up with friends in the winter and learn new games!
Family Picnic:  Each summer families gather for a picnic to enjoy getting to know each other, food, and games.
Field Trips:  Various field trips are arranged each year such as apple  picking, pumpkin farm, historical farms, museums, and plays.  We always have  new and exciting additions each year!
Holiday Parties:  We have a St. Valentine's Day party each year and often a  St. Patrick's day party.  We also often arrange Christmas Caroling for the group to share the joy of Christ with others in a nursing home.
Little Flowers Girls Club:
 Girls ages 5 and up meet once a month to learn about a saint and a virtue.  Upon completion of homework, the girls earn patches to sew onto their sashes.  Meetings usually involve plays, games, and crafts.
May Crowning:  Each May members meet at a Marian Shrine for mass, crowning of a mary statue, outdoor rosary stations, and picnic!  First communicants for that year dress in their first communion dresses and suits!
Members Only Website:
Members participate in a members only interactive website which contains a group calendar, photo sharing, file/document sharing, contact lists, links, e-mailing to whole group, intra-group surveys and more.

Monthly Parent Meetings:
 Once a month parents meet to learn or discuss a  topic.  A curriculum night is held at this meeting  once a year for parents to  see and share their curriculum.

OLQP Holy Hour:  Once a month students and their parents can meet for a Holy Hour led by a generous priest.  Father leads the kids in prayers, songs, and periods of silent prayer. Young children are welcome!

Opening Mass and Picnic:  Each school year begins with an opening mass and picnic for the group.
Park Days:  Once a week members meet at a designated park to socialize and for kids to play.  Park day is held May through September.  A great way to get to know the group!
Pre-School Club: Pre-School students and their parents can attend this club for a fun, educational,  and Catholic afternoon of crafts, games, and stories.

Project Fair:  Each year students exhibit their projects at a local library to  show and explain what they have been learning.  A great motivator for kids to  learn about a topic so they can share it with their friends!
Talent Show:  Once a year students participate in a talent show.  Pianos, dancing, singing and more!
Theology of the Body Seminar:
Each year we host a Theology of the Body seminar using an engaging DVD program produced by Ascension Press. Teens can attend each week while parents can partake in a Theology of the Body seminar in an adjacent room.

Year Book and Year Book Committee:
 Teens of the group meet throughout the year building a yearbook that is published each summer and sold to members.  The yearbook is great archive for your family!